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Personalized keychain you Desing

$ 35

Auto keychain made in models of cars , personalized key chain , gift auto fan , car

Meet the unique auto keychains made in models of cars.

You will not find such key chains in a souvenir shop.

More importantly, with the possibility of cutting a registration number, name or inscription on the key chain.

Great gift for a loved one or friend.

Keychains are made of 1.2 mm stainless steel.

Look massive.

The sizes vary, but range between 7.3-8.5sm length and width of 3.3 cm to 4 cm.

We have models ready if someone approached you see here: Catalog with auto keychains

How do we make key chains?
1.You place an order and send an email with a high quality  pictures to the order number.



2.Our team of designers is vectorizing your picture.



4.Laser Cut of stainless steel:

car keycahin


3.You personalized key chain :


Keychains are made within 10 days of order.

It can design a keychain and a desirable model of car motor.traktor truck, yachts and other boats or photograph price negotiable.

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